Call to action to all consulting professionals - lets consult responsibly - and tide by the current unprecedented socio-economic situation caused by COVID19. Let's contribute by setting aside some billing hours to do our bit to sustain and rebuild the economy........Each of us can make a difference !

Every right has its responsibilities. Like the right itself, these responsibilities stem from no man-made law, but from the very nature of man and society. The security, progress and welfare of one group is measured finally in the security, progress and welfare of all mankind – Lewis Schwellenbach

As a thoroughbred consulting professional, I was always taught to value every minute and hour (not just because someone could bill). I was a Partner in a Firm earlier where “Higher Purpose” was the foundation and paramount. As we were reflecting on how Covid-19 has made this an unprecedented time and we see all around us the strength of human beings who are professional doctors, nurses, CEOs, CFOs, each of the employees, the “Kirana”store that works around the clock with constraints, the police and administrative staff are protecting us around the world, psychiatrists are offering free hours to protect the larger human race. We are inspired by each of you and we concluded as consulting professionals, we can use our time to do our part to assist in the community rebuilding and handling a crisis. You may be trained on consulting jokes that we make money no matter what is happening in the economy. With this note I call out to all consulting professionals to adopt #responsibleconsulting and use our joint horsepower to the greater purpose at work -protecting and rebuilding our economy. It would get better!

Yes I know that it’s a tough ask, we would set a precedent and clients would ask for everything free – but ……. Look around these are unprecedented times and calls for unheard of action! What is the use of any medicines when the patient is dead. I think many professionals are busy setting business continuity plans in motion, re-estimating scenarios, adopting zero based budgeting, alternate sourcing arrangements, tax rebates, renegotiating contracts, redoing business plans, go or no go on large projects including digital and automation, re-evaluating cyber security and myriads more 

Contribute some of your billable hours in a week in the topic of your choice to help small businesses and your clients to whom that hour can make a big difference and relief. Don’t bother to bill – “pay it forward”. Yeah Yeah – risk management and all …..one acronym to remember KISS – Keep it simple and straight! We have the power within us – our knowledge – we are thinking minds and if we collectively think we can pull through! Contrary to all popular belief, I have found the many consulting professionals I know are very socially responsible. Of course, be sure that you are providing the right advice or consult others to arrive at the optimum solution at this time. Display in your linked in pages marking #responsibleconsulting with what you would be willing to consult on and how many hours/which days, etc. Let’s do what we each do best – put our thinking hats on!

To show our solidarity with the consulting fraternity, Kriya Konsulting Partners would set aside specific hours from their schedule to do their bit socially. Any interested clients who need assistance please DM me or our Partners, Thanks.

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”

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