‘Our Actions speak
louder than words’.

Kriya in Sanskrit stands for- Action.

Kriya was formed by experienced consulting and industry professionals to provide high quality next gen consulting services powered by technology.

Whilst there is massive disruption across industries and changing workforce dynamics, we think it’s important to reimagine the future and act at pace, keeping in mind both worlds of People and Technology

Why Kriya

The Sanskrit word Kriya stands for Action. Action creates, destroys or sustains depending on what we choose to do as humans. Through our actions, over centuries some have steered our race to protect human kind. On the other hand some chose war and destruction as actions that they would initiate or propitiate. Some watch and wait in the side lines with no action which sometimes proves to be more beneficial. The importance of an action cannot be undermined. Historically in Indian culture, it was common for a monarch to have a panel of advisors who had diverse background helping assess each action with trusted advice and pace it for progression of the race. In times of rapid change, to keep-pace with the technology and future-proof ourselves, mindful Action is Key.

About Us
  • Kriya was formed by ex Big Four consulting and industry experienced professionals to provide high quality next gen consulting services powered by technology. In a dynamic digital world, it is critical to have a foresight on what is next. Organizations need trusted advisors to wade through the changes and decide when to act for their benefit.
  • We see the emerging markets as a leader in digital and believe that these markets need to be served better and with sharp focus. Size could be a disadvantage when you want to operate on a nimble basis, hence we have started a lean consulting practice that leverages our decades of diverse expertise in technology based solutions.
  • Our mantra is that we Dream and Do and our actions are mindful. As a result, we have a suite of services across the consulting spectrum from strategy to implementation of emerging tech solutions.
  • "If you buy a new toy for a child, teach her how to play; else run the risk of her playing the way she sees fit!" Being human centered in our digital journey is critical and we are passionate about incorporating millennial mindedness and gig working in skills of the future that would allow organizations to be sustainable in the future. We are in a complicated evolution of sorts where there are multiple generations working with each other and the definition of success and route to each is varied. Diverse thinking, in this context, is key in strengthening the organization into a sustainable mode.
The Kriya Advantage

We enable clients reimagine the future enterprise. We focus on delivering outcomes from strategy to implementation by leveraging digital technologies.

Blended technology and functional expertise


Thought Leadership

Mindfulness of outcomes

We will help you reimagine the future.

We will make change simple.

We help build future proof organizations.


What we do

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young". Henry Ford

As a race humans have traversed across caves, civilizations, wars, industrial era and now in the journey through the digital age into the future. There are some key differences across these eras in the survival pattern.

To survive and succeed in the digital era now and in the future, we would like to focus on a combination of key dimensions of a digital enterprise such as strategy, people, technology, governance etc. With this objective in mind, here is what we do:

Core Business

Support Functions


Allied Digital Services


Key Services

For more information on our services, click to go through our Corporate Profile


Meet our leaders

“Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

We are not just consultants, digital mixologists and automation strategists, but also travelers, movie buffs, and sportsman among other things. We each bring a unique perspective to what we do and how we do, which eventually helps our clients, Kriya and ourselves to do better.

  • I am an experienced management consulting professional with over 24 years of experience of assisting organizations transform rebuild reimagine and renovate.
  • I enjoy solving problems where there is a multivendor and multi process transformation that would help companies deliver more value to their internal or external customers.  Over the years I have developed deep relationships in the market and have the ability to connect peers in industry and across to challenge status quo.
  • I like to push boundaries and explore emerging technologies to deliver real results to increase revenues or reduce costs. 
  • I am Technology Mixologist – with over 10 years of management consulting experience. As a mixologist, I love exploring what different technologies can do and then assemble together the re-imagined processes, new skills powered by technology.
  • Over the years, I believe our future will be RoMan (Robots and Humans). I focus on this Co-existence and partner with organizations to upskill workforce relevant for tomorrow and promote Gig working (well my future depends on this)
  • I am a frugal Innovator and proudly so
  • I am passionate about conceptualizing, designing and implementing transformation based on my learnings from my experience in various organizations in last 18 years.
  • I believe in making a holistic and tangible transformation which in my experience can only be achieved by completely reimagining and rearranging in an E2E capacity with advance tools & techniques.
  • I love researching about data visualization to better communicate the outcome of big data analytics & Ml models through Power BI & Tableau.
  • I have spent more than 16 years across operations and consulting finding solutions to client problems across Telecom, Manufacturing and Education sectors.
  • I believe that for businesses to be successful, communication channels need to be constantly open and things need to be lean. I like being a devil’s advocate and looking at things with pragmatism to arrive at the most plausible answers.
  • I spend most of my mornings at the gym or boxing. There is also a high likelihood of you finding me listening to music and reading or watching movies or engaging in banter with my son’s Advay and Calvin.
  • I enjoy hosting people and experiment my cooking on them.
  • I am also an Atal Innovation Mentor and I volunteer for the local TedX chapter in Chennai. I also work as a pro-bono consultant through Grow Movement wherein I help entrepreneurs in African countries scale-up their business
  • I am an experienced Risk Specialist with 18+ years of experience in Risk Advisory.
  • What I enjoy most about my work is the aspect of being able to bring transformation in processes while helping Companies manage their risks. I also enjoy the ability to cater to diverse industries.
  • I like to deliver real value to clients through process improvisation as well as cost savings arising from a better governance and process control environment.
  • Three things that I love doing are reading, meditating and partying. I have tried alteast one hundred different type of meditations and have been amazed at each of my experiences.
  • I also love spending time with my two children, either playing with them or reading to them.
  • I love partying mainly to have conversations and good food. Also helps my unwind during weekends.
  • I have over 24 years of experience in outsourcing/ offshoring/ shared services, management consulting and financial services.
  • I have end-to-end functional experience including sales, solution design, programme management and service delivery/ operations.
  • My key interest is in deriving and implementing solutions to complex problems.
  • I love watching movies on the big screen typically averaging 3-4 in a month.
  • I am an avid music listener covering most genres with a soft corner for classic rock.
  • Apart from movies and music, I love reading fiction.
  • I have over 15 years of work experience in management consulting, enabling clients to solve complex business problems and contributing to their digital transformation journey.
  • I have worked in large engagements with global enterprise clients within Telecom, Agri-Trading, BFSI, Technology and Manufacturing sectors across geographies within India, US, UK and Dubai.
  • I love researching about emerging technologies and provide solutions in finance to increase performance and accuracy.
  • I am an avid traveler, interested in understanding diverse culture and savor multi-cuisines.
  • I am a Chess player and love to solve puzzles and Sudokus whenever I have free time.
  • I am a music lover, appreciate and listen to Indian and Western classical music.
  • I have more than 14 years of experience in Shared Services and Financial Management Advisory, Intelligent Automation, and Product Development.
  • I believe in the concept of "Reductionism" and apply it to solve complex business problems.
  • I love to create new solutions/products/assets using digital technologies to significantly enhance the value proposition for the clients.
  • A music connoisseur, who loves listening to different genres of music ranging from Classic rock to Hindustani Classical. I am also a self-taught guitarist and used to be the rhythm guitarist in a rock band.
  • Love engaging in some sort of fitness oriented activities, while I have tried running, isometric exercises including planks but the all-time favourite remains badminton.
  • Love engaging in some sort of fitness oriented activities, while I have tried running, isometric exercises including planks but the all-time favourite remains badminton.
  • I am a big movie buff and love butter popcorn
  • I love music of all genres and am super up to date on latest charts thanks to my son Krishna! I love watching live art performances with my daughter Kaavya.
  • I am a travel enthusiast and love to go to new places and learn new cultures and over the years have learnt how to appreciate and avoid bias!
  • I enjoy teleporting myself around the world and have travel goals to do 2 countries and 1 new city every year with people I love
  • ‘With great Glasses, come great Responsibility’ - I look for positivity in all things and also they just make me look more responsible
  • I play professional table tennis and few others just for fun- Cricket, Basketball and board games Post my professional table tennis sprint, I decided to believe in myself, trust my intuition and make a difference to the future and started working.
  • For me painting is meditative, majority of my art works are in oil pastels where I try to bring out realism.
  • I enjoy travelling the world to stay and experience the locale rather than buzzing through most visited spots.
  • In my free time, I love catching up on latest movies and get lost in their story telling. I prefer action, Sci-Fi or thriller but the storyline has to be good.

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